Medela Breast Pump

Lactina Breastfeeding Pump; Hospital Grade Pump

Double Pump Kit

Equipment may differ slightly to the images but will be of an equal standard & quality. If there is something you need but cannot see please contact us so that we may help.

Tots n Cots is a leading company for Medela Lactina Hospital Grade Breastfeeding pumps rental in Dubai.  All of our equipment is personally assembled for collection at a time convenient for you.

Having a newborn baby can be overwhelming and tiring. That is why Tots n Cots offers great service to new mothers who wish to breastfeed and/or express without hassle.

Features & Benefits of the Medela Lactina Breast Pump:

  • Hospital-grade rental pump: Ideal for initiating and sustaining milk supply.
  • Leading electric breastpump: Used by hospitals, rental stations and DME’s worldwide.  Multi-user, with personal double pumping system
  • Long term daily use: Designed for moms who need to pump several times a day.
  • Electric: Automatic pumping for ease and efficiency.
  • Automatic suck and release: For ease of use and efficiency
  • Built-in vacuum release: Protects moms against excessive or prolonged suction.
  • Variable speed and vacuum settings: Complements the variable vacuum setting on the piston/cylinder that is included with breastpump kits.  Kits sold separately.
  • Double or single pumping: Save time by pumping both breasts simultaneously or pump from one breast at a time and breastfeed on the other.
  • Manual pump option: All Lactina kits are easily converted to a manual pump for when there is no power or when moms prefer to control the pump suction.
  • All parts that touch breastmilk are made without BPA: Safe for you and your baby.

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